Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blackmore´s Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow Part 1 live 1977

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've lost a small person

Well as of the 28th I am 100 pounds lighter. I really thought this would never happen. The reason being I am not one for staying with something. I have convinced myself that it is ADD. In reality I think it is just being a lazy bastard.
It has been hard and I am not finished yet. I haven't really put a goal weight in my mind. I just want to be able to do the things I used to. Like walk, fit in my truck, see where I am peeing. You know the normal stuff.
I feel alot better and getting better everyday. No more breathing problems, I sleep ok. Just all around feeling of starting to be healthy.
I have set a couple of goals.
1. To be able to go to Baja with my family and watch some off road racing. Everytime they go I feel left out. No more of that.
2. To get on an airplane a not have to ask for a seat belt extender. That way I can fly to The Great Northwest and see all my friends that have given me so much support. You know who you are. xoxoxo
I will achieve these goals and many more that haven't even come into my head yet.
You can't stop me.You can only hope to contain me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eric Burdon - Hold on I'm Comming

Monday, August 30, 2010

They're Real and ...They are spectacular

I had the pleasure this past week of doing something new. When you are in your early 50's doing something new doesn't come along that often. A friend from High School came to town. I had not seen her in 34 years. Of couse now with all the social media I have seen pics, chatted and spoke by cel. But to see her when I picked her up at the airport was in some ways surreal.
Now don't assume anything. We never had any torrid romance or anything. Not that I did not want to as all 17-18 year olds wish upon any female that says more than hi to them. In high school we were close friends and we had alot of mutual friends. We went to the same parties,concerts etc...
We had talked about what we wanted to do when she was here. We agreed that talking on her balcony at the beach would be great. That is what we did. It amazes me that after 34 years and numerous brain cell deaths. Some voluntary,legal and not so legal substances, and involuntary, Hockey pucks and car crashes, that with one word or voice inflection that you can be transported back to the very day you are reminicing about. This happened numreous times this past week.
My favorite was about her getting thrown out of Biology class because she was a "distraction". The distraction being me announcing to the class that on her neck was the biggest Hickey I had ever seen.
We had fun this week and talked about things and people that I had not thought of in years.

She leaves tomorrow back to Washington. I know we won't say good bye. We will say something like "until next time" or some such bullshit. I Have a feeling it will be a long time until I get to see my friend again. I just hope it's not another 34 years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well I am back wassuupp y'all?? I haven't been doing much of anything. stickin on diet and so forth.. I am down 82 lbs as of tuesday the 24th. My Doctor added vegetables to my diet. thank god!!! I never knew celery and radishes could taste so good> I use my homemade salsa for dressing. Sounds wierd I know.. try it .. I may never go back to bottle dressing.
There are some problems with the diet.. i guess not the diet itself but the cost. Pretty damn expensive. i have learned alot about nutrsion and dieting. I think after i reach 100lbs gone i will try it on my own. I can't expect my family to pay forever. Wish me luck.
I got to hang out with a very good friend from my past this week. We had not seen each opther since high school. She is just as crazy as I remembered her!! I am sure we will be in touch for the rest of our lives.
My depression for some reason has come on me heavy yesterday and today. I feel like I did 6 months ago. I am trying to shake it but it isn't going away. Can't figure out why it's back. I guess I will have bouts like this the rest of my life. All i can do is just know that it will pass. Hopefully..
that is all i got for now.. will try and post more often it seems to help..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vinnie's Moustache

Hey this is Vinnie's moustache writing. This will be different than the other blog. None of that serious crap here. Just good shit about sports, beer, food, women you know the stuff that matters. The language will be shall we say "saltier". So if you see The 'stache in the header and you don't like straight talk skip this shit.

So what I am thinking is WTF?? Padres first still?? Damn.. pennant fever catch it..
Joined another fantasy football league this year. Don't know why. I get all geeked for it in beginning but by half way or so I am over it. Playing with some guys I don't know so maybe it will be a little better. They take their shit serious. So it could be a good time when I fuck with them. hahaha Idiots.
Just a thought... I am dying for a fuckin steak.. just saying..

A lot of people talk shit about face book. I agree there is a Lot of bullshit on there. I really don't care if you got a new cat. Really.. I don't. The one thing it has done is I have got in touch with some OLD friends that I always wondered about.
I am even getting together with some this month. That's awesome. Sit around and talk about how cool we thought we were. It will probably take awhile to remember what we did. We tended to avail ourselves of all kinds of mind altering substances. Hey it was the 70's. Shut the fuck up.. It was fun...

See ya later
the Stache is out!!!