Monday, August 2, 2010

It's time

Hey Y'all.. I have decided that instead of facebook I will start up my blogging again. It may not be Everyday but i will try and write a little something a few times a week.

Let's start with the huge challenge of my weight.

14 weeks ago my family decided that it was time I lost weight b4 I died from being a fat ass. I was nearly 600 lbs and didn't care about anything. I sat on the couch or in my recliner and just vegged out. I went no where, I saw no one. I was good with that. Don't know how it got that way it just was.

My loving family would not let it go on anymore. They offered to pay for me to lose weight in what ever way I think would work. It was just the eye opener I needed. I researched a little.

Then talked to Dr. Amberg my PCP and he put me on the right path.

I have been enrolled in Sharp Weight Management Program for 14 weeks. The program's first section is dedicated to weight loss using a ultra low cal diet. I have 6 diet shakes a day and 1-2 dietary meals that I buy from the program. It avgs. 1200 calories a day. This is combined with a twice daily vitamin and fiber supplement.

I go to the program every week for a medical check up and a visit with a doctor. then there is a 1.5 hour class. It is very informative and the most important, at least for me, is that it is also very supportive. There are 23 patients in the class I am in. All in varying stages of their wgt loss.

My goal is to lose 250 lbs. I am well on my way . I have lost as of today lost 70 lbs!!!

I starting to feel like my old self again. I have went out more in the past week than I had the previous 3 years.

It is a long journey but with all the support and Love I am receiving from family and friends I know I will accomplish the task in front of me.

Thank you all.

Please leave a comment or ask any questions you may have. I will answer them all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is awesome. I had no idea. You will be so skinny when we meet up I won't be able to see you. Keep up the good work. XXXOOO Jodie

The Old Broad said...

Yay! You gotta get yourself into a "traveling" weight and come to Oregon for a visit! :) xoxoxo!

Big Vin said...

Deb that is part of the plan

Big Vin said...
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