Monday, August 30, 2010

They're Real and ...They are spectacular

I had the pleasure this past week of doing something new. When you are in your early 50's doing something new doesn't come along that often. A friend from High School came to town. I had not seen her in 34 years. Of couse now with all the social media I have seen pics, chatted and spoke by cel. But to see her when I picked her up at the airport was in some ways surreal.
Now don't assume anything. We never had any torrid romance or anything. Not that I did not want to as all 17-18 year olds wish upon any female that says more than hi to them. In high school we were close friends and we had alot of mutual friends. We went to the same parties,concerts etc...
We had talked about what we wanted to do when she was here. We agreed that talking on her balcony at the beach would be great. That is what we did. It amazes me that after 34 years and numerous brain cell deaths. Some voluntary,legal and not so legal substances, and involuntary, Hockey pucks and car crashes, that with one word or voice inflection that you can be transported back to the very day you are reminicing about. This happened numreous times this past week.
My favorite was about her getting thrown out of Biology class because she was a "distraction". The distraction being me announcing to the class that on her neck was the biggest Hickey I had ever seen.
We had fun this week and talked about things and people that I had not thought of in years.

She leaves tomorrow back to Washington. I know we won't say good bye. We will say something like "until next time" or some such bullshit. I Have a feeling it will be a long time until I get to see my friend again. I just hope it's not another 34 years.

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Anonymous said...

I love love love your heading............Gee I can't imagine who you are talking about. It has been amazing spending time with you & it seems like no time has passed since we last saw each other. I can guarantee (did I spell that right)that 34 years will not pass till we meet again. It will be May of next year. I know we will be in contact on a daily basis. I will cherish my S & P shakers 4ever as well as our friendship. I wish I knew who the person was with the hickey cause I know it wasn't me......... XXXOOOOOO