Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vinnie's Moustache

Hey this is Vinnie's moustache writing. This will be different than the other blog. None of that serious crap here. Just good shit about sports, beer, food, women you know the stuff that matters. The language will be shall we say "saltier". So if you see The 'stache in the header and you don't like straight talk skip this shit.

So what I am thinking is WTF?? Padres first still?? Damn.. pennant fever catch it..
Joined another fantasy football league this year. Don't know why. I get all geeked for it in beginning but by half way or so I am over it. Playing with some guys I don't know so maybe it will be a little better. They take their shit serious. So it could be a good time when I fuck with them. hahaha Idiots.
Just a thought... I am dying for a fuckin steak.. just saying..

A lot of people talk shit about face book. I agree there is a Lot of bullshit on there. I really don't care if you got a new cat. Really.. I don't. The one thing it has done is I have got in touch with some OLD friends that I always wondered about.
I am even getting together with some this month. That's awesome. Sit around and talk about how cool we thought we were. It will probably take awhile to remember what we did. We tended to avail ourselves of all kinds of mind altering substances. Hey it was the 70's. Shut the fuck up.. It was fun...

See ya later
the Stache is out!!!


Anonymous said...

Well Vinnie's moustache, I do believe I might fall into one or 2 of the categories you were discussing. Not the cat ones. Hey did I tell you I have 5 cats & 2 dogs. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Will your moustache be joining us? Would like to meet it since I'm pretty sure it's not human. I think. I'm not sure though cuz I'm still feeling the effects of those mind altering substances from the days of yore. The anonymous one - J

Anonymous said...

The Stache goes everywhere!!!! Long Live The Stache!!!